This is an independent blog of Luis Pérez as a tool to share and express his point of view and writings. Luis is a professional of the information systems industry. His day to day in business is in the design of information systems, business development and the strengthening of the Local Technology Industry in Puerto Rico.

His interests are in culture as the medium of definition of his nation in all its forms but promotes and participates in the Bomba (Local Percuision Driven Dance and Music) and Poetry.

And the question is why CoquiRobot? Coqui stands for how we interpret in Puerto Rico a sound that a local specimen of frog does when he sings. This is a word that no matter where you are in the world you say it and people that know Puerto Rico knows that It defines us. I am proud to say COQUI! as our native frog does. Robot comes from my cybernetic and technology loving nature. This blog is only bits and bytes anyways…

Thank you for visiting this blog!


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