Norse Funeral

Another boat sets sail in the night
A flaming arrow will kiss it goodbye
All those moments hammering your chest
Drifting slowly away
Fleeting in pieces to the wind

We are hunters
Just dogs
Chasing hares
In a sadistic race
Thinking we will ever appease
Our blood thirst for happy endings

When that boat starts burning
And we let our insides rip
It’s funny how we are reminded
That we are alive
Many times leeching on
The concept of love, drains

As reckless kids
We journey on
Running through the fields
Chasing shadows
Soothing wounds
Reaping hearts
With our insides bleeding out
Chasing hope, Fleeting breath

As I glimpse the path
Trailing behind my back
One thing is true
Beautiful colors
Grow from every wound
I will not allow my soul to turn bitter
And will always be grateful
For the shadows that were
Casted over my bed…


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