What A PuertoRican Must Do…

A reimagining of a poem by Ursula Rucker What a Women Must Do\

Dedicated to all the bloggers out there making money out of nations divide and suffering. They get paid by each view and of course butchery of our nation’s spirit, have us fighting for all to watch always makes for a quick passionate debate. People lets clean our dirty laundry in our houses and use the internet for our nations development. Be smart.

Until you walk, run and fight a mile in our shoes don’t you dare stand in front of me and tell me what a Puerto Rican must do.
Enduring endless raises in taxes while watching how politicians openly steal and make us poor.
The same people that use sports and beauty pageants victories to keep us occupied, to keep us hypnotized and silent.
Good enough to buy their merchandise and pay their taxes but not good enough to vote for our president.
As a nation we went from being born and raised owning the sublime serenity of our lands to the deafening screams of the traffic jams
Lands that were taken away, our people dismissed,
paid alimony checks to wander astray.
Divided by the American dream, a dream never our own.
We were born children of God, we were born Puerto Ricans
Owners of the mountains and all that we could see, conquered by brutes and animals that shared us as spoils of war and chained us to this sad destiny.
As Indians proud standing, now we can’t look straight by the weight of our implanted shame
We used to live in natures paradise now pushed to the slums in casitas
From Taino names to Spanish, African names to American names we have been tossed around
From proud nation, to a slave nation
where people are being put to work in walmarts and mcdonalds
Branded as Mantenidos, Malagradecidos, Malcriados and Cafres by our own people.
And if we dare speak up to people that insult us: they call us acomplejaos, blind, guilty of delirium of greatness.

Now were poor, now were inconvenient
Freedom stolen and honor stolen
But were still holding, were still golden
Aint I a Puerto Rican Aint I a Puerto Rican
What, what a Puerto Rican must do??

Wipe away tears and reclaim strenght
After the travesties we endure
Colonia, Territorio, Estado Libre Asociado, What the fuck is that?
We must reclaim our lands.
Reclaim our honor and learn to develop our own destiny
We must learn not to expect others to create opportunities
We must build them on our own.
We must put up a sign that reads:
Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are building a better nation
For when those who deserted their land hear this:
We will stay astray, fixing for you that boat that in your mind is sinking
For when you hear en mi viejo san juan or Boricua en la luna
reminisce and realize the mistakes youve made
Still have a land to comeback to and fight for.

And all those Puerto Ricans that you criticize
They must be called muses
Which is just a synonym for used
Put upon pedestals, away from all our suffering and stay protected
And because of that disrespected reality they have been, VICTIMIZED
Made a paradox of famous anonymity
let to go insane.
With too much people just staring at the sad news every day
Theyre hearts open
Theyre arms open
Warm and welcoming
For job phone calls that never come
for words of appreciation that never come
for equal pay that just never comes
it just, never comes
Waiting for love
Waiting acknowledgement, not judgement

If you took a plane or are still here, defeated
Because of lack of talent or you failed to view a simple market trend study
Before investing in education to stay afloat
Don’t come knocking down our doors with your condescending speech
Of how you are better there and were all part of a sinking ship
We don’t need your insults as sad excuse of justification
And none of those apocalyptic visions you wish for us will defeat our spirit
And none of those insults you vomit are our names
Your name or my name
So what, what a Puerto Rican must do??
Until you walk, run and fight a mile in theses shoes don’t you dare stand in front of me and tell me what a Puerto Rican must do.

Puerta Bandera


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