How Can Puerto Rico Develop An Autonomous Nation


I made this post very high level and simple on very complicated subject. This is the way we discuss solutions so that all can understand. Its intentions are pure and in no way mean an attack to a sector or group. This post is a result of years of research and understanding the root of many of our problems in Puerto Rico.

I want to clarify that the plan discussed does not have anything to do with our status as a colony and is not a proposal to change it to any particular status or to promote independence. This plan is focused on things that need to change inside our government and island in order to strenghten its capacity to be self sufficient as a nation.

When one wants to fix a problem we must focus on the root cause and then provide solutions. Just as a doctor would to a patient. Yes there are traditions and culture of how we do things but if they are wrong the doctor has the obligation of pointing them out to the patient so that he can get cured from his illment. That is my intention with this blog and I thank you for stopping by. This means you care and caring goes a long way with these matters.

To summarize my sugestions I will detail a high level plan here and then elaborate on each point in separete pages so that we can interact individually with each point of view.

In order to strengthen our nation we must make changes at these four pillars:

1. Government
2. Education System
3. Economy
4. Welfare

These are in my opinion the 4 areas that are the root cause of our problems in the Island and I will elaborate some solutions of what needs fixing so that we may reduce criminality, lack of focus, corruption, ineficiency and strenghten our economy and mental state of our population. Now comes the question how can we fix our nations problems? My answers may seem a bit radical or philosophical to the wandering eye, but if you visit each answers page you will see the logic and why it is a valid answer. I invite you to share your opinions in each page. The important part is all the solutions I will share are FREE, EASY TO IMPLEMENT AND WILL FIX OUR ISSUES:

1. Government

  • Eliminate the private sector contribution to political campaigns
  • Eliminate political parties
  • Extend the ammount of time the government officials work if they are efficient
  • Develop a metric system for candidates that is not subjective

To view the expansion of this part of the plan please click here

2. Education System

  • Foster Education instead of indoctrination
  • Create a social responsibility course mandatory on all institutions
  • Connect education entities to private sector
  • Develop curriculums that are relevant and not outdated

3. Economy

  • Lack of Accurate Information in a central place that is easy to understand
  • Perform a swot analysis of the island and share it openly so that citizens can view a objective view of our condition
  • Foster industry that can trigger high paid salaries and does not need a big territory to be performed in
  • Change the way we value the price of stock it is wrong!
  • Implement metrics all around for government on local supplier spending and device laws to favor local first
  • Develop a plan to train local companies that want to provide service to government as part of their insertion to General Services and only those that comply can service the government.

        To view the expansion of the plan please click here

4. Welfare

  • Switch Welfare to Workfare
  • Reconquer our respect for work and government officials

Each of these is a key factor to our development as a nation inside a global economy. I thank you for your time and interest in this subject please feel free to leave your comments.


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